Why so many posts?

I decided to start keeping a log for Dax-man, recording bits and pieces of what he goes through with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I have decided to do this not only so evidence exists to educate those who don’t understand the daily struggles or think Dax (or I) exaggerate. (There is an inability to deny truth in time.).. I am also writing as much as possible to look back and to reflect upon all of this for myself.

  • This has been going on without cessation since 2014, I have genetic whole exome sequencing – DNA confirmation that he has EDS, and still I have people (and even some close to us) that question what he goes through. I am including photos and video hyperlinks. Remember, these excerpts are still a VERY short blip compared to an actual day. You’ll soon see how tough he really is. 

There is so much strength in pushing through with graciousness… and yet there isn’t much choice in the matter. We choose to educate ourselves and others while we ride this rollercoaster.

Each day deserves recognition!

EDS doesn’t take breaks.


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