06/25/17 Catch up

Today was chores and cleaning day. I had been sick for several days. So, now it is catch-up time. When you have a child with allergies to just about everything and a poor immune system, you gotta make the house sparkle. 

Dax’s stomach has really been bothering him. It always does, but last night and today he asked for lavender oil baths. There isn’t much you can do for relief otherwise. There isn’t a magic pill to make it go away. Doctors call it palliative care. I call it craptastic. 

As a mother, you want to heal your child’s wounds and make pain go away. With a chronically ill child, you really can’t. You have to buckle down and provide as much comfort as possible with the limited means you have. 

Dax seems to have accepted not feeling well every day. I think he has been to enough specialists at this point to know there isn’t much to be done. He greatly prefers not going to a zillion doctor appointments. 

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it is what it is. At least my house is clean and I don’t feel like death ran over. 

(Find the good.)


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