06/26/17 No rules

Daxman has been doing great in equine therapy. He does quite a bit without a side-kick (person walking right beside him as he rides). Having said that, it does get scary for me sometimes. He will bounce up and down in his saddle and can lean too much with his body. 

One fall off of that horse…sigh. I can’t even say it. 

It is so deceiving that Dax looks to be well… but he isn’t well. He is sick and tired and weak every day, all the time. He puts a smile on his face and a skip in his step, because he chooses to. I know the instructors know this, but I’m sure they cannot fully understand simply seeing him once a week for an hour. They do their best. 

Today, he rode at a trot several times around barrels. He isn’t great at maneuvering his body as to not bounce up and down in the seat. So, he came home with some overall back pain. 

It didn’t seem to be too terrible, and his main complaints were the usual throat and stomach. So, for now I’ll just worry in silence. It’s such a fine and delicate line between safety and intrusion. I want him to do as much as he can. 

I don’t have a golden rule book that tells me exactly what I should or shouldn’t let him do. 

That sure would be nice. 


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